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2 Dec, 2014/mvsblog / mvsblog

If you could teach just one thing to all the people at your organization, what would that be and what in your view is the best way to teach it?

According to me, Organisations are great Places built by average individuals like each one of us – average individuals with good value systems and work ethics.

The one thing I would like to impart to all the people in my organisation is that, while doing any task, have the objective and purpose clear. Starting from the organisation to each one’s individual work, the purpose should be clear. Each one should know why they are doing a certain task, and they should know what this task means to the organisation purpose as a whole. This will be achieved by making individuals believe that each one of them contribute towards the purpose of the organisation.

I believe that this behaviour can be inculcated by making people part of the process, and asking open questions to seed and direct the thought process to come out with various options before choosing the best one that will help in reaching the objective.

This mindset is achieved by involving people in all communication – in other words, transparency and open communication and ensuring that the communication percolates to all levels in the organisation to all rungs in the organisation. The communication will be simple and effective.

Creating constraints also brings out best in individuals – individuals strive towards the objectives with more focus either by their own self motivation to challenge the limits and grow to the next level, and there are individuals who need that little nudge from the organisation as a constraint – this opens the thought and keeps them focused on the purpose of each and every transaction. Creating a learning and growth environment helps in having clarity of purpose.





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