Journey of An Entrepreneur – Part 3 ( Diwali Wishes)

21 Oct, 2014/mvsblog / mvsblog

The decision to move from a secured employment into the adventurous world of entrepreneurship is not an easy one to make – people have asked me many a time, when is the right time to be an entrepreneur?

My experience tells me that the entrepreneurial traits are expressed even from an early age, though we are not conscious about it. When I think back about making the move from secured employment into the entrepreneurial arena, I think the following were the basic foundation/fundamentals which helped me take the decision.

  1. You need to have your own opinion on everything in your environment – you may listen to views and be enlightened, but basically, you will start with an idea/opinion about how things should be or should work. I listened and verified the authenticity of each of the views and refined my thoughts only when I was convinced about the same.
  2. Never chase money – the thrill or happiness in doing something that you believe in should be the dominant need and not the money – money is only a by-product.
  3. Begin early – do not postpone the dream
  4. Keep your personal finances tidy – the time to begin may not be right if you want to invest the earlier part of your working career in getting your assets in place – vehicle, home, gold, etc., etc., will happen automatically. I made sure that I had none of these pressing monthly EMI commitments in the beginning and for a long time subsequently.
  5. Never borrow from your family.
  6. Keep your family support strong. Your immediate family may not agree with all the decisions that you make, but they should be willing to listen and give in inputs without panicking you at times of contingency.
  7. I had a backup plan – I could always make money on consulting to run the basic needs of a family – I was married and with two young children and familial responsibilities when I made the move.

Well… all this and many more such thoughts gave me the impetus and strength to move onto the entrepreneurial arena…. what happened next… was it a bed of roses? Will pen my experiences soon.

Wish you a Happy Diwali and lit your Entrepreneurial Journey Today





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3 responses to “Journey of An Entrepreneur – Part 3 ( Diwali Wishes)”

  1. I keep thinking, “money should follow value” for a long time, and am happy to see it along the journey of an entrepreneur. Diwali greetings to the author, staff, business associates, friends and family

  2. Yes Mani, I think you have now come into the stage where i am also able to relate with what you are expressing .. interesting times ahead!

    And of course, if an Entrepreneur sets out only with the objective of making money, thats a boring story ..

    Waiting for the next piece!

    Happy Diwali!

  3. Yes Mani…I agree with you completely..ofcourse to me it is a piece of great advise..but may be i have followed a few and miles to go to before i can pen my experiences that may add value to others. For now i like your thoughts expressed in simple yet effective 100%

    Will keep looking at this now on

    Hope you had a gr8 Diwali


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