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12 Aug, 2011 / mvsblog

2011 TiE Retreat happened  in Bali 4-7 July 2011. If you ask anyone about Bali the word BEAUTY will be a spontaneous respons  . I compared it with Mauritius mentally , and was prepared to enjoy  the natural serenity wthat  Bali was going to offer as my  treat for this trip. Feeling excited meeting beauties of Nature and centuries old temples. I was armed  with a SLR Nikon and one handy digital s camera. Yet  felt  constrained to capture  the variety of memories Bali had dished out in plenty.

On landing at the  Bali Airport I had this feeling of having landed on the lap of of a gentle and  cozy small town without those monstrous skyscrapers that seem to welcome you with a bucktoothed  evil grin. Tiled roofs all over airport made me wonder and feel that the design – of the homes, temples and buldings – are a result stict compliance model that has been stictly executed by the government.

Only very few airports in the world will be having landing runway close to the sea. It was beautiful to watch from inside the flight, you will feel like the runway runs across the ocean.

Our bus ride to the  Pan Pacific hotel was treat to eyes, the  uniqueness of the place, those  huge statues were absolutely epic.

Personal transport, particulary a two wheeler, was the primary mode of trasport.  Every traffic light had people in all age groups in a scooter. This probably is the way of life in Bali.

My eyes were kepy busy with those numerous road side eateries most of them  had AYUM written  with a picture of a pig.  I was told that there are 20,000 temples. And each village .You can see  all of them maintained well till now. Tradition of every day offering to god is maintained had a minimum of 4 temples. I was reminded of Kerala in many ways.

Next day I visited the  mother of all temples in the village of Besakih, where in the hills there are 32 temples and it was architected and built my Margandeyan from Ashoka kingdom who travelled with thousands of  people from India through see. The symobol of lion evidence that. People say there are many temples with similar architecture in and around the place in Bali

Temples are built some in 8 Century and it has with stood even the valcano which erupted in the year 1963. 85% of population in Bali are Hindus. They have similar caste system practiced in India.

I missed to see morning sunrise and Sunset which is one the beautifully visible nature over there.

On 6 July 2011 went to experience white water rafting , It was wonderful experience I had.

we where 4 of us including our guide. The first few minutes was  like a  roller coaster in water. Then we adjusted to the fun and challenge. It was 11 km rafting for 2 hours. Amazing experience. Real fun.

Get to see so many good piece of work done by Balinese depicting EPIC

is seen all through out the streets make Bali more beautiful .

Did not have time to go for other Site Visits and shopping. I went to Bali via KL .

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