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14 May, 2017 / mvsblog

When my son went for vacation to Kohsamui Island on a back pack tour . I was curious why did he choose to go there , he told me his friends who was practicing Muay thai – Martial arts of Thailand are completing the schedule and coming and joining him from Phuket .

When he returned back curiously I asked about his trip and more so on the mauy Thai practice.  He gave me the site (TMT)  www.tigermuaythai.com. I went in to the site it offered us one week package for beginners , it costed 3000 Bhat , it also provides many options includes Cross Fit , Boxing ,yoga , various forms Martial arts , strengthening etc  . I also found few of my Sons friends from Chennai are already staying and practicing for few months .

I started planning for one week fitness vacation. Went to dietician described my program and got the menu for me.

We planned such a way that we landed on Saturday for a fight night . Participate by practicing ( IN TMT) amateur Thai Boxers from across globe participated in that fight ,they also served dinner with cocktail .You can see all Fitness freaks going around in their fitness attire all around . We had 11 fights , in all the fights we had Chinese on one side , they occupied 50 percent of the crowd . Indians is rare site to locate . One side you feel energetic, other side we had pull the tummy in and walk . It was music , dance and fight .We saw every one relaxing after a weeks grueling schedule Approximately 400 enthusiast where there. One Should be there to really experience it . It happens last Saturday of the month. . Sunday was rest day for all the Studios. It was all quiet day .

The Street is filled with many Studios ,place to stay , eat , massage  and shops to buy . They where  few pubs too . . The food and Juice shops practice to provide very healthy food . We can see protein mixed with juice is common practice . I felt like seeing Rambos , and Arnold all around . We have some clothing shops for fitness .

The Day when I started my first Muay Thai  class it was so exciting , with brand new boxing gloves .  There where 40 students from various countries in the class for beginners . Most of them  by look like as fully fit Thai Boxers. We had sufficient trainers around  . All of them mostly can understand only their language and way we don’t need language only action .  It was a kind continuous work out for 90  minutes which includes 100 push ups punces kicks . Next 30 minutes is full of stretches before then end the class . It was real cardiac work out . Every one was sweating includes me , post first class walked back to room after having a tender coconut water. Took me 2 more hours to rebuild myself .

When I registered , I did register to attend Muay thai 1 week package  . I can attend other sesseions like Muay baron ( Traditional form of Muay Thai , and Krabi Krabong ( Moments for sword fight with stick) classes in the evening . There where totally 4 session which I can attend , I choose 2 of them . Spent minimum 4 hours every day.

My food Schedules where some nuts and banana , and break fast was Spinach omllette . Lucky to find one PURE VEGAN joint gave me varieties for lunch and dinner . Tender coconut . Apple , and juices to fill the rest of the day . I lived by younger when I used to play basket ball for 4 hours and still had energy to go around.

Monday to Friday we had all the Scheduled classes . Satruday it was only Muay Thai morning 8 to 10 Am .

You can see world class Boxers , fitness expert , trainers , some of the military people came for retraining for some combat classes . It was exciting to watch them practice .  Cross FIT training looked tough for me . I feel even the Sports person can go for boot camp for a change . I am sure they will see new peek in the performance.

Most common thing people who come there is add more Tatoos there bodies , they do during week ends . Some of them was amazing art in the body. There where 2 kinds one is bamboo Tatoo and another one is Machine tattoo.

It was very fulfilling break from routine, for health enthusiast it is feast . I did nothing but EAT SLEEP TRAIN and REPEAT

If you have a week for you to take a break  plan a fitness vacation in Chalong , I assure you it will be real FIT vacation . It can be for whole family. Unlike Bangkok, no night clubs only FITNESS .  Very friendly people. Many of them come and stay for six months .  Average length of stay is a month. Indians I doubt unless they are really crazy about fitness .

Some Indicators ,

Fitness program for Week —  3000- 4000 Bhat. ( can attend any number of classes.)

You can also have individual level trainers –  500 – 1500 Bhatt/ session

Stay Approximately for Double occupancy – 1000 Bhat/ Day ( Rs 1800/ day)

Food will cost Approximately – 500 Bhat / day

Laundry – 40 Bhat / Kg

Scooter on Hire 250 Bhatt / day

Tender coconut 50 Bhatt

Juices approximately 100 Bhatt

Tatoos cost 4000 Bhatt upwards.

Boxing glove 2000 Bhatt upwards .

Phuket Airport to Chalong 800 Bhatt

Place I stayed is Signature Resort

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