Do you like your Manager?

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.  Certain key elements determine whether he is a successful manager or not.

  • Does the manager understand the USP of each team member?  A manager who spends time to understand each team member is more liked than one who tells you what to do.  If the manager is able to explain the team member’s role in the overall scheme of things, that is definitely an added advantage.
  • Does the manager attribute success to the team?  The manager who is able to repeatedly attribute success to his teams is more liked than one who prefers basking in the success.
  • Does the manager reprimand the team member in public?  A manager who praises the team member in public for achievements and scolds in private for failures is more liked.
  • Does the manager empathise with your problems?  The manager who expects only performance but is not interested in listening to the issues or finding solutions for the team is definitely less liked than a manager who empathises with the personal and professional issues and works towards finding solutions.  A manager is not one who knows how to give orders, but is one who provides solutions and demonstrates higher end thinking than the team members.
  • Is the manager open to listen to your view point?  While the manager is expected to provide higher end solutions than the team, he will be more liked if he lends a patient ear to the views and achievements of the team members.   Patient listening is a virtue – a leader is one who learns to listen.

Does your manager plan your success? Managers use simulation techniques to make small success possible and make the team member to beleive





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3 responses to “Do you like your Manager?”

  1. Dear sir, very logical and fundamental derivations by you on manager – team member relations. This equation is very crucial for any organization to scale up, and the same has to be exhibited and protected in a healthy manner. way forward…

    • My shared thought was not on the areas where measurement possible, it is soft side of the manager. One way of doing this subjective side assessment is talk to the subordinates and ask them to rate on this factors. Try and let me know:)

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