Vacation in Hong Kong (Dec 2011)

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It was planned well ahead that if we have to go for vacation to a city we should choose Hong Kong . It was me , Cauvery , Karthik and Vinay agreed that it is ideally suitable for everyone taste and needs. Plan was to spend 5 days in Honk kong and one day in Macau. We always choose to be more comfortable in stay and travel. Cathay Pacific fly directly from Chennai in to Hong kong. Indeed flying Cathay was proven to be good decision. Crew Service was too good. The landing from Sea side is feast to see. The logistics was helped by Thomas Cook.

Landed in Hong Kong by Noon was transported to Grand Stanford Hotel in Modi Road. It was huge busy hotel . What you will not miss is good fancy cars in the portico, good breakfast Buffet. I enjoyed swim in warm Swimming pool too . More than average rating

Since it was winter season the whole City looks like fashion city. Particualrily women (Young , old) and children are well dressed in winter clothes , with different Boots and over coats and the speed walk amazing thing to watch.

The whole city was beautiful in lay out and buildings looking magnificent in night with lighting. Natural beauty of landscape and multistoried building in mountains and surrounded by sea is some thing you will not miss observing. Though I have seen high Raised buildings in other cities , Hong Kong architects have done more wonderful Work. We can see Tourist going all around places. No much place for historical significance but still HK is beautiful place. Cleanliness is managed well. I saw a shop owner coming out of his shop picking up cigarette butt from platform and throwing it in a dustbin. Very rare to see in our country.

First time my I- Pad was very useful ,to locate places , distance and transport mode. We found Woodland Veg restaurant in Modi Road. Quiet expensive. A Dosa Cost Rs 350.

Not much as orgnaised site seeing trips , actually not required every thing you see there are beautiful we went to Some places taken by tour operator

Jewellery city factory:

Chinese are known for their polishing and cutting skills. And their work on precious stones such as diamonds, rubies etc is really remarkable. At the Jc factory one can view this process being done. Visitors can purchase the jewels at a special price and they sell watches too. But the special prices are standard marketing price otherwise it is extremely expensive. Cauvery was impressed on the design and finish. If you plan to invest (in india) in Diamond recommend to hold the decision and buy few items in hong kong.

Golden Bauhinia square:
Is of a great historical significane to both hong kong and china. This
golden flower signifies the unification of two countries after british Left to China. One side surrounded by sea and good photo shoot area.

Vitoria peak

Other than Site seeing beautiful location to get view one side of HK , also attraction is madamme Tussad’s Exhibits many Stars are present. Wonderful time to spend and different snaps .

We came in to Repulsive beach , comparatively it is much smaller than Marina beach .

Behind our hotel where we stayed just within a kilometer we have Avenue of Stars by the side of back waters , it is wonderful to spend time there during the night.

Been to Disney Land , we thought it is for small children and we plan to spend half a day and it was so interesting spent till evening 7 Pm . We missed seeing the fire works which is generally planned by 9 Pm. The concept , design , it is dream world for children and also for all those elderly person who has read and love world of Disney’s characters. If you have children with age of 15 and particlaurliy girl child it is amazing place . So many small souvenirs can be bought . Keep good budget for small buys. Rides are part of the entry ticket. We explored the local metros , nice and cheaper.

Hong kong public transport is well connected and organized . It is one best way to explore beauty of hong kong.

Once you are ready to walk we get in to streets branching out from Modi Road and go to Nathan street and you can see so many people walking and many shops across most of them branded ones.

Real shopping can be done the street which we visit post dinner.

Temple street
One of the biggest night markets in hong kong, you get everything from a little key chain to high end gadgets such as the I phone and the I pad. This market is a treat for everyone who is good in bargaining.
Good buys:
iPhone, iPad covers ( you get a variety of designs)
T shirts
Solar keychains ( worth the buy).

Parallel to this street we have small joints for food . we have many indian Restaurants

Ladies Market:(4 PM to 11 PM)

More towards Ladies accessories , handbags , tshirt , the lanes perpendicular to ladies market is one for Foot wear Market and another for electronic items. Had Bags similar to branded ones available for Rs 400 on wards. Jackets, tshirts , watches and all types of bags.

City Gate outlets:

It is amazing to see a mall only for factory outlets . It has railway station very convenient to take metro and go inside. I don’t say very cheap but you can buy latest ones for discounted price.

Places visited:
Temple street
Jewellery city factory
Golden Bauhinia square
Victoria peak
Repulse bay
Nathan road
Disney land
ladies’ market
City Gate outlet
Avenue of stars
Electronic goods and sports goods






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  1. Hey Mani, this is a nice idea … you relive the entire event & have the pleasure of the trip once again! And for us, it is like reading a novel or a review of a certain place & it will help us decide if we want to visit this place! good job .. keep it going! : )

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