Technology will allow HR to add value

16 Mar, 2020 / MVS Mani

There are many questions that arise about HR in this age of widespread technology. One of the questions that end up instilling doubt in HR professionals is: Will technology replace HR? I’ve lost count of the number of times I have been asked this question myself. What I always say is that what technology will do is add value to the HR function and not make it obsolete. In this article, I will elaborate on the same.

HR is changing. As is everything else. Then again, what is the world without changes? Remember what happened to the typewriters when the computer came? All businesses around the world are being disrupted by technology innovation. In this scenario, HR is also transforming itself to lead people strategy and programs into the future. What this does is explode the HR technology market.

However, HR as a function is not obsolete.

The HR department of a company has immense powers. They have the potential to transform a company’s talent into what is measurable, that is: financial performance and market value. However, most people look at HR as a hiring and firing department.

At present, the HR department also has tons of processes to manage, including paperwork and also mundane tasks that take up so much of their time. HR professionals are often stuck in this cycle and unable to spend time on work that can transform the company.

This is where technology comes in. Agile processing can be done thanks to technology.

The digital revolution

Technology has changed the way different work is being managed. Here are some of the ways this digital revolution has actually added value to HR.

  1. Recruiting made easy
  2. Measuring potential hires
  3. Track productivity
  4. Storage of Information
  5. Process Management
  6. Innovative practices like telecommuting
  7. People engagement
  8. Analytics
  9. Feedback
  10. Consolidation
  11. Cost effective management
  12. Usage of Apps and software for easy functioning [attendance, payroll, time off, expenses etc.]

Technology is certainly necessary today and one cannot do without it in today’s world. At the same time, it is a huge move for companies and it is important to leverage it in the right manner so that one can get a good ROI. How can you ensure this?


While looking at HR technology for your business, what you need to consider is your specific requirement. The software that you choose must meet your specific needs. What this means is that you must customize the technology.

Ease of use

One must be able to organise and use this software easily. It is supposed to make the life of HR professionals easier and therefore it must not require the HR staff to be highly tech savvy to be able to use it. A basic knowledge of technology ought to make them capable enough to use it.


Change is the only constant in life and therefore the technology that you choose should also be able to adapt to times. You should be able to create processes and also edit and roll it out for the entire company.

Adequate time

The implementation of changes in the HR function takes time to adopt. If we introduce a new app for the company, we should have a plan in place to ensure that the app becomes an integral part. It must not be undertaken without thoughtfulness and one must ensure that it is effective. There must be specialised Implementation and proper digital change management. That is the key to success.

I hope you will now agree that what technology does is add value to HR work by automating so many processes. While incorporating technology, remember that your biggest asset is always your workforce: the people. Your employees need to be satisfied with their jobs in order to be productive. This means that any change must be communicated to the people in order for them to be able to accept it wholeheartedly.

Technology is no longer just an option, you need it to leap to the future.

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