Note from Good friend on my emotional state.

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The horse has understood that there are no shackles nor reigns, the journey has begun.

Some one wrote “Terrific! Speed of a horse, power of a raging bull and icy calmness within. It reflects you as a person!”
He is right, speed, power of a raging bull and yet there is a confusion. I also felt the calmness within is icy and not born out of freedom. This horse having all the qualities to take off, look at the horse closely, it is not having reigns and no shakles, but is not liberated (look at the eyes, you will realize!!!.
When I painted the horse, the horse was in deep thinking how to drop shackles when there is none !!
Look at the horse(MVS Mani) today, it has understood that there are no reigns and shackles and began its journey. It is running joyously and running for running sake. (complemented by your blog on  journey to Bihar School of Yoga.)
Amazing experience !!. Blessed horse !!. The calmness has arisen but this time out of freedom !!

I took nearly 5 months to paint and when I did, I was very close to you mentally !!

With love,





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One response to “Note from Good friend on my emotional state.”

  1. nice perspective and good to have friends who are able to indulge in our behavior and make us feel cherished! as far as the explanation goes, being truly cam can arise only out of being truly detached! : )

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