Looking back @ my 7 life Changing events

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Age is just a number but each and every number has its own significance. As I now step on to the next phase of my life, I turn back to talk a walk down the memory lane… what has been the life changing moments and learning moments for me? I can relate to seven events which had an impact on my life. Success is that magic that happens between two failures…
1. Joining the Basket Ball team in our locality – Being a part of the community and joining a local sports team was initially for fun, but being part of a team that had students and youngsters from different walks of life gives one the exposure of finetuning their interpersonal skills. It was a team of diverse people with great strengths and vast differences – and I learnt that when the goals are clear to each member the differences do not matter. It is the collective strength that achieves wonders.
2. Bowing to parental decisions – My parents decided that I have to be an engineering graduate despite my low scores in the Board exams. I could never understand their logic of paying a huge donation and getting me an admission back then, but the education has given me great leverage which I am able to appreciate now. I learnt that parents do have our best interests in mind.
3. Having “arrears” in six subjects in the first semester – I thought my father would give up on me and ask me to come back, but he wrote to me stating that he believed that I have the ability to study well, and will definitely do better in the next exam. His trust moved me, and I cleared all my pending papers in the next semester and came out with a distinction in the engineering final exams. I learnt that trust and belief works much better than threats and disciplinary action.
4. My first job – I got my first job through very sound recommendation, and the person who recommended had one only one condition – that I live up to his expectations. When my training was extended beyond a year, I almost gave up, but did not give up. When I left the organisation English Electric after many years of service and climbing up the career ladder, my boss asked me to withdraw my resignation or continue supporting them as a consultant. I learnt that patience and self belief in one’s own capabilities is very important and will act as a shield during testing times. It is the perseverance and hardwork that helps conquer tough situations.
5. Marriage – My marriage was a life changing event in many ways. My father in law was a business man and this helped me fuel my dream of being an entrepreneur further. The sense of responsibility that comes along with marriage and the confidence to move away from a full time job to an entrepreneur – both happened as a result of my marriage. It is a learning in many ways, and I am still learning each day. ☺
6. Working closely with political personalities – I had the opportunity to meet my college mate who had become an MP in the year 1996. Interactions with him and other political personalities gave me an insight about the working of the government, political equations, business and increased my network multifold. This learning and networking helped me deal with business challenges with more confidence.
7. Being a founder of Future Focus Infotech – The seed to start Future Focus Infotech was germinated and discussed in detail in one of my earlier entrepreneural office. The day we planted this seed is a day that changed my life forever. This was the beginnning of a great era… and my learning curve deepened with each passing day.

14 April is when we started Focus Infotech.

Thanks for all your Support and Wishes 🙂





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3 responses to “Looking back @ my 7 life Changing events”

  1. This is almost like the 7 Stages of life & growing up, after you are a grown up, Mani! : )

    Very interesting!!

    Having said that, I know that some of the most interesting parts of the journey, the adventures of choosing the tough path & the consequences of each decision that you took .. all these are yet to come!

    Picture abhi baaki hey, mere dost!

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