How to ensure effectiveness of Freelance workforce

26 Sep, 2019 / MVS Mani

Talent is everywhere. However, one needs to scout for it and also figure out what works best for each company. This is a herculean task that is cut out for the HR department. Finding the right people that are suitable for a company and the values that it stands for is not easy. The ideal candidate, apart from willingness also needs to be experienced and have the necessary knowledge. However, this is something that the HR has to do at all points of time. What if there is a solution?

New age workforce

Today, contract workers, freelancers and gig workers form a huge part of the personnel of companies.  Brace yourself, for it is increasingly looking like the future workforce will mainly comprise of the above. Though these freelancers could be highly talented, flexible, specialised in skill-sets and can even be engaged in an on-demand manner, there are many aspects that one needs to consider.  Keeping that in mind, organisations must be aware of what works and how to retain such talent as well as ensure that it is a win-win situation.

How do you leverage Freelancers?

As an organisation, what you need to do is make the workforce resourceful by ensuing right decisions at the right time and also have the insight on when to increase the skillset and when to decrease it. There are many factors that need to be kept in mind while on boarding freelancers in order to ensure effectiveness. Here is a look at some of them. 

Collaborative working

While hiring freelancers, organizations must boost teamwork between the permanent workforce as well as these independent workforce. A clear on-boarding process needs to be there in order to make them feel like a part of the organisation. They must be included in key meetings and R&Rs. A clear process of communication must be set to keep them in the loop at all times.

Room to grow

If you want good people to work for you, they must find it beneficial and money can be a motivator only for a short while. Freelancers also need to be given room to grow and develop their skills. This is where many companies err. Career planning, Coaching and L & D must also involve freelancers in order to keep them satisfied.

Change in recruitment process

There are some key differences that you need to keep in mind while recruiting freelancers. The basics on skill-sets needed in people remain the same everywhere. However, freelancers may not care much about the perks. Their need might be more focused on flexible hours, place and type of work. It is therefore key to ensure that they feel that they have control of their lives as that is one of the major reasons that they leave full time jobs in the first place – to gain control of their lives.


Technology is a major driver of freelance workforce and it must also be used effectively in order to ensure smooth communication with them. It can also be used to ensure the operational effectiveness of the workforce. Data can be captured using various tools and Apps that will help companies measure the output as well.

Times are changing and in order to move with the times, HR also needs to change. One must update HR guidelines, practises and values so that even independent workers can be provided with a more positive experience. This is what will in turn result in the effectiveness of such workforce. If you would like to try digital on boarding and release, do contact me at mani@focusite.com

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