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I remember, reading “Tough times never last, but tough people do”. I felt it was the appropriate time for me to introspect on what does tough times mean to me?

I realized it is what I perceive because of our previous experience and patterns are:

That known options are few

The fear that we will not end with desired result.

Now, I realize that Time is constant but only our thoughts become tough because of the change in environment.

What do people do during these tough times?

Either they have the experience of handling the situation (e.g., defence) or prepare themselves to face it. Once we face the situation, we realize the requirement and come out with solutions. The new solutions will be for the change in environment and we can focus on drawing up a plan to come out of the situation.

When people face the tough times, they engage in positive belief and progressive thinking.

Now we believe that we are not in the same frame of mind and we are energized to move forward. Once we move forward the options vary, and most of the time we will end up achieving what we desired.

When everyone in the Organization seeks different options, which later will be converted to solutions for the customers, I am certain, we will grow this year to new heights!!

The IPDE prescription may help you in facing the situation now, if each one of us can adopt this.

  • Identify the problem.
  • Predict what the problem does to you, if you don’t do anything about it.
  • Decide on your response from all options and alternatives.
  • Then execute and act on the most positive option that you have.

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  1. Nice Article..
    I just want to share my thoughts on this…
    IPDE prescription
    Identify the problem. //

    Many of us not comes with strong experiences about “Rightly identifying the problem”
    I may identify and solve the problem with my experiences which may not be the right solution for that scenario. My view on IPDE is junior has to take a Senior foot steps for Rightly identifying the root of the problem and resolve it as how the senior will solve it. I may be wrong in term of my view but the bottom line is , Need Some example footstep to follow.


    • You will use your experience to ask right questions and make the other person to identify the problem and its root cause . If you start prescribing solutions , it may not be right one.

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