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When we think of Bangkok , most of experience talk about the night life, and Thai massage and cheaper stitched suits and pants. Cheaper and closer destination for foreign trip . Now a days conferences , even destination wedding is part of the plans in Bangkok .
Though I have visited Bangkok 10 years back . It was for a meeting.  It was one of early foreign trips . Remember few countries who offer visa on entry one is Bangkok . Very useful service for people who plans for short vacation and include massage or shopping.
My wife ,me and 2 of my sons planned to do a short vacation .  Vacation which includes shopping , Site seeing . Foot print leisure organised the stay part Amari  boulevard . It is chain many properties they have in the city itself . Though stay was very comfortable non smelly restaurant , I would have preferred Amari watergate close by many shopping malls.
The flights timing and hotel has mismatch when we fly Asian countries . We land early morning and the check in time is @ 2 pm . Tired because of night flight and no proper sleep. We entered country with on visa on arrival . It costs BH 1000 ( 1 BH is RS 0.53 ).
There is speed counter if we pay BH 200 each of us more but no bill for that .
My agent fixed path finder to transport from airport to hotel . One thing is for sure Thailand scores very high on reception . Service side ssshhh I reserve my comment .
Waiting in lobby we planned to spend the evening very productively. We called the agent when we are waiting for the room to be allocated called the path finder to takes us to the show ts SIAM NIRAMIT . They told including transport and food in the venue is  BH  1500 per person.  I realised that visiting places the entry tickets going to be expensive .  Also remember we bargained few Bhatt for our satisfaction. Pay up front for their trust . They will tell stories that we have to get ticket Etc. it is only for their trust.
Unfortunately one of the website was informing us that it is BH 1750 per person .we where very happy  to get it at BH 1500 including transport . Later we realised hotel offers us @ BH 1400. Every damn thing is for bargain :h yes I mean it.
Hotel where I stayed was occupied by many Arab tourists . The  reception was not so helpful when we asked for a tooth-brush kit to use .They have to realise Indians spend for their economy grow.
Took some rest and left the hotel to the SIAM NiRAMIT show by 5 Pm in the evening . Stage show is at 8 pm for 80 minutes . It has a place in guiness books since the shows goes on for years continuously .Show was excellent
We reached the place by 5 PM we went around exhibits , different parts of Thailand beautifully exhibited  . You can taste few food items which belongs to various part of Thailand. They have massage done in open hall. I was told it is an authentic practice and you get good relief.
Has Restaurant with variety of food , very clean and well organised  specifically they have Indian vegetarian counter. After food went to the show .Really enjoyed the show. Don’t miss it.
when we where returning we planned to go to floating market next day and realised it is 120 km away from city approximately 1.5 hr journey. No idea of what is going to be experience got in to cab by morning 8 am which was pre arranged  by my driver for pick up @ 7 am . The cost quoted for taxi was comparatively very less BH 1000 .  After  some research driver dropped us in a one boat parking lot .. a sales girl came and asked us how many of us , we said 4 , she explained and told us for us to have 1.5 hour boat ride it is 4000 Bhatt. i was surprised , but we have travelled all the way to this place to do something . i bargained and gor 3000 Bhatt , when they accepted i realised i got cheated and it should be much less. And realized the taxi driver has huge commission in this deal.  After my return foot print negotiated and got some money back.
The boat ride was not very interesting  , but you have shops along side the canal and other side of the  shop is land. some handicrafts and local items are there and expensive. some vendors who supplies food to this shop keepers sell from boats .
if we get deal less 300 Bhatt per person it is good deal to experience. All shops are expensive. else we can go around many of boat stops through land . I assumed  big market place in water where they come from various places and exchange goods. I was disappointed .
After the floating market we got dropped in huge market place called chutachak week-end market. very famous you will see locals come and shop you can buy even pets and puppies.
Then we went to malls will discuss about malls in separate paragraph .
Next day we took taxi and went to see grand palace, temple of emerald Buddha which is part photo.JPGof the same compound and WAT PHO temple of reclining Buddha . For the first campus we hired an English speaking guide who helped us in understanding how the palace and temple was built and quiet interesting piece .  Guide is must who costed us BH400 . The entry fee was BH500  for each person.
Though we where warned of tuk tuk . We did not have alternate to go to WAT pho which was 1 km walk from palace , it was very hot day and we have to take tuk tuk. We  got recommendation to pay 50 bhatt . I was thrilled when the tuk tuk drivers asked the same . They are one of those smartly dressed youngsters and with smiling face ,one of them asked me that he will just take small tour for the same money , where we will see one more big temple. We took 2 tuk tuk and first they took to temple , we came back and they took us to a jewellery show room . When we want inside I realised I am getting trapped . Shop has no people , they generally tell a price without realising that we from india jewellery is part of Indian woman hobby and anti-depressant . My wife told they are even cheating in diamond , showing the american diamonds which generally free. We came out still keeping smiling face , then he told that one more shop where handcrafts are displayed and asked to spend little more time and requested that he will get benefits of coupon for filling up fuel. Again stupidly agreed  and landed in irritating shopping . By then I decided to fight , came out he was upset by the speed we came out , he requested us for more shopping place . I refused and  picked arguments and  one of them left and we 4 of us travelled in same tuk tuk to destination.  Warning whomever show you the catAlogue of places to visit make it a point you don’t hear , if possible avoid them.
WAT pro was excellent piece of art work need more time to go through you have traditional thai massage .  Make it a point to have massage that place it is the place where Thai massage originated from.
Indira mall : More of Indian shoppers and you see most of the shops manned by Indians . I was not impressed . Recommend not to buy any thing.
MBK mall: one of the biggest mall , you get everything there unlike malls in Chennai all are open tiny shops each floor represent one category of product. If you have anything in electronic it is place to see , particularly accessories .
Platinum mall:
My recommendation if you have girls , women and boys this is the only place to shop . No much bargain .  For Women they have five floors of  and all available in whole sale price . You see all modern , bolly wood and latest style products . Generally clothing , shows, bags plan and do one year shopping . You will not feel the dent in the purse
Tired shopping I went to one good place for foot massage , believe my knee pain has become alright .  Costs me 600 bhatt for an hour.
Hah finally i was able to impress myself that Bangkok trip was memorable and useful .
Indicative expenses
1 . Thai airways for RS 18750/ person approximately
2.. Room Rs 6250/ room/ day breakfast included
2. Visa , transportation and site seeing RS 50000
3. Shopping your choice
4 . Travel partner -Foot print – Vishy mobile 98400  38838





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  1. thanks mani … we will remember to bargain for EVERYTHING! and i dont tink there is much to shop, from what you have explained. And we will set aside a budget for “getting cheated” …. where’s the next trip?! : ))

  2. Mani, nice article and explanation on everything that you folks saw and did. Very useful for the ones who would plan next.

  3. gr8 mani….thx for penning so that its useful for any folks venturing there….guess its a learning……thx

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