5 step strategy to effectively manage Start-up growth

The one thing everyone hopes for in a start-up is growth. In fact growing is good news. It can mean an increase in revenue, increase in number of employees and more investments. However, the issue of how to best manage this growth arises here. Increasingly, it can be seen that if the start-up is unable to accomplish this, they collapse. In fact, start-ups are often crushed by their own growth. If your company is growing too fast, you might not have enough cash to deal with your day-to-day financial obligations, including bills, payroll and supplies.

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Here are some key steps to effectively manage Start-up growth.

Customer focus

With the evolving markets of today, the customer is even more demanding. To manage the growth of your start-up, one must focus on the customer by adopting various means including innovations around social media, mobile technology and advanced data analytics. The customers’ evolving needs must be the centre. The difference between successful businesses and underperforming ones often lies in the way they treat their customers. Just remember that no matter what stage your start-up is currently in, you can never stop listening to your customers.

Right core Team

Exceptional and outstanding teams have become few and far between. This poses a huge challenge for a fast growing start-up. Finding the right core team and retaining them is a crucial step when your company is growing at a fast pace.  Having a team that is smarter than you is vital. This team is the one that will navigate your company to success and handle growth spurts. This means hiring right as well as ensuring that you have people who are capable of handling their departments.

Timely Change/Improvements

Entrepreneurs need to strategize and innovate in a timely manner when the core business expands. Start-ups are very dynamic and if their business plan is well-crafted, entrepreneurs may believe that they have the future in their hands. This is when one must pay adequate attention and change with the times and make improvements when and where necessary, especially when the start-up is at a growth spurt. It is only by doing this that one can ensure success.


Once you have created a fast-growing start-up, it is pertinent to make sure it is executed to perfection. Ideas are numerous in today’s day and age, but what will make you unique is the way you execute your idea. That is what will set apart your start-up from the others. If you can manage the execution, your start-up’s growth will be a smooth sail. Invest in people who perform duties and responsibilities in a clearly defined manner. This will ensure the efficient running of your start-up. Collect as much metrics as possible and also use tools like checklists, if necessary, to ensure that that each function runs effortlessly.

Check for sustainability

Your start-up must be scalable. In this regard, the entrepreneur must have one foot rooted whether while making fundamental changes in order to seek greater returns. Only if you have the ability to sustain, does it make sense to take that leap.

Do ensure that you can manage your growing start-up well.

The original article appeared on Bizztor


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