Happy Independence Day

Many of them who fought against British rule and got us freedom. That us gave us freedom to decide of how our resources can be used by Indians themselves for benefit of evolution of Indians .  After 66 years we have achieved to good extent on evolving as country . But still we feel that we have to do far more better. But now if have still get freedom we have to fight many elements which cripples our countries evolution .  Corruption , poverty , bad governance ,  organised stealing of countries resources and make all this available in foreign banks etc.

We as citizens have to work towards evolving ourselves and also work  towards helping the society evolve and enjoy more freedom.
1. Put genuine effort on the work you have undertaken and evolve as leader 
2.Put effort on physical , and mental elements to evolve yourself  free from disease
3.Put effort towards making positive desires and free from extra ordinary loans and commitment.
4. Help your kith and kin to create emotional bank and make them help our elderly parents and relatives and free them from emotional deficiency.
5 .Take one cause which you believe you are good at help your available resources time , money help the society evolve around you .
When you give you achieve freedom , when you take you are reasonable and constraint.
Happy Independence Day.


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